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Course Code: 
HRM 221
Course Type: 
Area Elective
Course Objectives: 
This course acquires knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to establish effective communication with different disciplines within the team and to develop organizational communication skills that will enable them to find appropriate solutions by noticing communication barriers.
Course Content: 

This course introduces practical principles of interpersonal communication and the opportunity to practice daily life. A wide variety of strategies and techniques are introduced to help students improve their personal and professional lives. The course offers activities to help students become aware of the pitfalls in verbal, nonverbal, and written communication to ensure that they are aware of the order, clarity, and detail of their communication. The course also provides practical information on different methods of business communication and various business communication tools.

Course Methodology: 
1: Expression , 2: Q&A, 3:Discussion, 4: Analogy, 5: Case Study
Course Evaluation Methods: 
A: Exam, B: Presentation C: Homework, D: Project, E: Lab.

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