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The aim of the Human Resources Management program, which provides a 4-year education at the undergraduate level, is to have academic knowledge on sociological, analytical, legal and psychological issues, to interpret these concepts with a human resources management perspective, to fulfill basic human resources management functions, as well as social relations in the work environment and their social and To train graduates who have the skills and qualifications that examine their individual effects, can conduct research at national and international level in this direction, plan manpower policies required for international competition and national development at the business level.

Human Resources Management Undergraduate program;

  • One-to-one personality test for all students with a personality inventory test
  • Providing one-on-one coaching training (with 3-4 sessions) with our ICF certified trainer
  • The courses in the program are practical,
  • Sharing of people from business life in lessons,
  • Having lessons with dynamic and analytical thinking skills,
  • Focusing on gaining the competencies of human resources that will enable them to take part in strategic management,
  • Finding lessons on learning the general responsibilities of an enterprise other than Human Resources,
  • Finding lessons that teach how to use and improve the developing technology,
  • It adds difference with such features.

A Minor Program protocol has been signed between the Human Resources Management Department and the Sociology Department.

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Minor Agreement between Faculty of Arts and Sciences - Department of Sociology & School of Applied Sciences - Department of Human Resources Management.

Agreement Date: 18/07/2019

Total credits to a student of Sociology Department by doing a Minor in Human Resources Management Department: 24

Total credits for a student in the Department of Human Resources Management by doing a Minor in Sociology Department: 24

The Human Resources Management Master's Program was opened by Yeditepe University in order to train managers and academician candidates who have entrepreneurial, dynamic and analytical thinking skills, and who are competent in the comparative human resources management discipline.

You can apply online at http://ebs.yeditepe.edu.tr/