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In the Department of Custom and Border Management, there is an opportunity to make minor or double major programs by making agreements with other departments of the School of Applied Sciences within the University or with other undergraduate departments that are close to each other and complement each other.

The differences between Custom and Border Management Department from other universities and departments are as follows;

  • English Education and Elective Foreign Language Learning Opportunity,
  • In Custom and Border Management Department, business and trade courses, customs business and related basic courses, as well as international trade and business, international logistics courses and take the opportunity to specialize in the field of foreign trade,
  • They will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned at school with two compulsory Summer Internships in the public and private sectors.
  • To be able to apply what they have learned theoretically in Computer Customs Operations course so that they can prepare for business life based on technology and practice,
  • To be able to follow the developments in the sector thanks to the sector participation courses and lecturers coming from the industry,
  • Our Customs Management Department is the only customs operation department in Istanbul, because of the geopolitical position of Istanbul, the density of logistics and foreign trade companies, the presence of essential ports here, provides an advantage for our students to find internships and jobs.

The Department of Custom and Border Management has joint courses with the Faculty of Commercial Sciences. Therefore, the Department of International Trade and Business Administration, the Department of International Finance, the Department of International Logistics and Transportation, the Department of Information System and Technologies, the Department of E-Commerce and Technology Management, and the Law Faculty’s lecturers are attending the Department of Custom and Border Management courses.

Also, Customs Brokers working in the sector (A Ration Card) give technical lessons about the department such as customs legislation, foreign trade and customs regime, customs tariff, and tax schedule, computerized customs procedures.

Since the Department of Custom and Border Management is located within the Faculty of Commercial Sciences, the Department of Custom and Border Management can use all the facilities of the Faculty of Commercial Sciences, including classroom and computer laboratories, both as physical infrastructure and as academic staff.

The Department of Custom and Border Management accepts the program with full scholarship students and other scholarship students as of the year. Also, the quota information for the Department of Custom and Border Management is given in the Council of Higher Education's quota guide.

The School of Applied Sciences fees fall into the fees section. https://www.yeditepe.edu.tr/en/prospective-students/fees

Students in the Custom and Border Management Department have the opportunity to meet with our stakeholders in the industry through two compulsory summer internships (30 days each) in the curriculum and the opportunity to establish warm relations with the sector as a student.

Graduates of the Department of Custom and Border Management are working in the field of customs consultancy and customs clearance in the private sector, in the customs departments of companies related to international logistics (land, sea, air transport), importing and exporting companies or customs departments of these firms. Also, the Ministry of Customs and Foreign Trade is among the public institutions where our graduates can find career opportunities.

The language of the Department of Custom and Border Management is English. If the students' level of English is not sufficient, they take a placement test and have an education at the English Preparatory School.

Also, if the students who passed the department want to learn other languages, students learn German, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese can take any elective course.

The aim of the Custom and Border Management Department meet the demands of domestic and foreign markets for the countries in the globalizing world, specify the international trade volumes and exploit the import and export potentials efficiently in the country, and have basic courses in the field of logistics and foreign trade. Also, the Custom and Border Management Department aims to educate graduates with the knowledge and skills applied in the field of international trade and customs, meeting the needs of the private sector.

The Department of Customs and Border Management aims to educate individuals who will be able to provide consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies engaged in export and import about the customs applications, to contribute to the foreign trade in our country, to have knowledge and skills on international trade and customs, and to be able to work on global platforms.