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Purpose of School of Applied Sciences students; academic accumulation, theoretical infrastructure and integration of sectoral practices, it is aimed to educate the graduates who are ready for business life. Our Department; critical thinking and effective decision making skills that will keep the quality of education at the highest level, meet the needs of the changing world, and open to creativity. All the programs in our program have the curriculums to transform the theoretical knowledge into practice in the aim of educating professional professionals ready for work after 4 years of education at undergraduate level. Accompanied by internships that accelerate specialization in their field and enable them to settle directly after graduation, effective communication and the acquisition of strong foreign language skills constitute the most essential elements of the curriculum. The course schedules are also designed to ensure that our graduates are ready for real estate development expertise, housing valuation expertise, and customs consultancy and assistant professor examinations. It is aimed at the graduates to take their business life without losing time with the necessary basic equipments.

Our departments are provided with qualified teaching staff. Erasmus exchange programs and the ability to make double major and minor among the other departments of the University. It is aimed to educate individuals who are ready for dynamic business world, have analytical thinking skills, creative and social responsibilities with strong academic staff with sectoral experience.