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Our department provides 4 years of education at the undergraduate level and aims to educate qualified people who can work in international platforms with knowledge and skills applicable in the field of international trade and customs.

In addition to customs legislation and practices, branches such as international trade, business, logistics, economy, law form the basis of the program, while fields such as statistics, finance, payment systems and accounting enrich the program content.

The purpose of Customs Management Department is to raise graduates who can meet the needs of the private sector and have knowledge and skills applicable in the field of international trade and customs while providing the basic courses in the field of logistics and foreign trade, both knowing the customs legislation, and knowing the customs legislation in order to meet the demands of domestic and foreign markets for the countries in the globalizing world, to determine the foreign market volumes and to use the import and export potentials in the country.

The Customs Management Department graduates, will provide certain consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies that export to foreign markets and import to the domestic market, will contribute to foreign companies in terms of foreign trade, will have knowledge and skills applicable to international trade and customs, and can work on international platforms.

Equality-Equivalence: Graduates of the Customs Management Department, can apply to the places where graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences with the decision of the Higher Education Council.

Our students can register to the Double Major and Minor Programs with the relevant departments upon request. Customs Business Double Major Agreements are given below;​

The Department of Customs Management - International Trade and Business