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Dear Academics and Students,

As you all are aware, our 2020-2021 Academic Year Spring Semester educational efforts are underway in an hybrid fashion, online courses combined with in-person courses. The process is managed with serious consideration and precautions in order not to let COVID-19 spread throughout the campus and all of us have minimal problems. Today, as there are an increasing number of cases throughout the country, midterm testing and evaluation will be, just like last semester, carried out in a distance fashion and, in case of an in-person testing and assessment is required, with all the necessary precautions taken. For students who need to come to the campus, we would like to inform you that our campus and residence halls are always open.

As always, all the necessary precautions will be taken by our department executives and academics in order not to let any of our students down.

Yeditepe University Rectorate