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Dear Students,

We have continued our academic efforts on the maximum possible level by online courses. By the efforts of our selfless healthcare personnel, we also participate actively with our fight against the pandemic in our University’s hospital. Also, in our research laboratories, with our patented products that our scientists realize with great efforts, we also continue to contribute our society.

The management of a pandemic may only succeed in case it is planned meticulously and executed perfectly. Preserving the health of all our students, parents and all our members is our most fundamental priority.

Due to this fact, we would ask you to complete your re-registration processes online.

Financial re-registration processes will start on 17 August 2020 Monday. By 14 August 2020, our students can view their 2020-2021 tuition fees on their OBS (Student Information System) screens.

Online Registration Dates: 17 August – 11 September 2020

Students who have to come to campus are allowed to come and re-register on the campus grounds between 17-28 August 2020 and 7-11 September 2020, on the courtyard of the Faculty of Engineering. There will be no in-person re-registrations taking place between 31 August and 6 September 2020, and students will be asked to continue their processes online. Within the framework of the pandemic precautions, there will be a limited amount of people allowed into the courtyard of the Faculty of Engineering and we would like to remind you that the waiting lines may be long and no admittance will be permitted without masks.

We hope to see you in great health in the new academic year.



Applications can be made by logging into Yapı Kredi Mobile app and by selecting Payments > Educational Payments > Installment Applications > Order Input and by providing the student ID number.

  • For installment applications, advance payment must be placed into the bank account within the same day of the application. In case the bank account does not have the necessary balance, the bank will make the down payment in your name.

For parents who do not have a Yapı Kredi Bank account but wish to apply for installments, they need to have an account in the bank. After opening an account from any branch of the Yapı Kredi Bank in Turkey, they may apply for the installment processes providing the student ID number. Payment plan will be provided to the parents by the bank personnel.

  • Document needed for a Yapı Kredi Bank account: ID copy of the student’s parent.


By using the virtual POS on www.yeditepe.edu.tr website, you can pay the whole year’s tuition in 9 equal installments or half the year’s tuition in 5 equal installments using Bonus – World – Maximum – Axess credit cards.

For information and Support: You may send your request to mali.destek@yeditepe.edu.tr including your Student ID number as well as your name and surname.