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The aim of this program is to educate versatile software development professionals who  are able to:

  • master modern IT applications
  • follow the innovations in computer science,
  • trained in management issues,
  • have a vision
  • integrate themselves with the national and international sector,
  • speak foreign language,
  • take part in software development projects,
  • have knowledge of data mining and data science fields, internet programming and
  • be well equipped about network programming issues.

Graduates of Software Development Department can find jobs in public or private sector such as:
Banks, Software Industry, Telecommunication sectors in web design and development specialist, system specialist, system administrator, database administrator, security specialist, strategic management, data science specialist, electronic business management, enterprise resource systems management, expert systems positions.

Our students have the chance to come together with our stakeholders in the sector by having two compulsory summer internships (30 days each), in the 2nd and 3rd semesters, in our curriculum and they have the opportunity to establish warm relations with the sector while they are still students.

The Software Development Department accepts full scholarship and discounted students as of the year.

The fees to be applied to the School of Applied Sciences are available at https://www.yeditepe.edu.tr/en/prospective-students/fees .

The department members of Management Information Systems, Information Systems and Technologies, E-Commerce and Technology Management take part in the joint courses we take from the Faculty of Commerce.
In addition, our instructors working in the sector give technical courses related to the department such as cloud-computing, information security and database management systems.

The courses of the Software Development Department will be given in addition to the 4 computer labs currently in use, and 1 lab with 40 new computers.

The different features of the Software Development Department can be summarized as follows:

  •  The language of instruction is English and theres is  a possibility of learning a second foreign language.
  •  To be able to follow the developments in the sector thanks to the sector participation courses and lecturers coming from the sector
  • They will have the opportunity, before graduation, to apply what they have learned at school with two compulsory Summer Internships in the public and private sectors.
  • Having a 4-year academic program in contrast to similar status programs: The duration of education in programs of similar names in Vocational Schools of similar status consists of 2 academic years. At the School of Applied Sciences, the Department of Software Development has a 4-year curriculum. This gives our students a broader range of learning in both theoretical and technical fields. Thanks to the breadth of our elective course pool, we will be trying to make our students ready for the business sector by making necessary guidance on the topics they want to specialize

As the Software Development department, we offer the opportunity to make minor or double major programs, by making agreements, with other undergraduate departments,which are very close to or very related to their major degree, within the university to our students.